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We live in the world full of money transfers, earnings and losses. We can observe smaller and bigger financial crisis, varying oil prices causing changes in prices of other things and so on.. Nothing in the world is stable nor the banks. We can probably say that banks are in one area more stable while less stable in other areas. As everything, also banks have their stronger and weaker parts. Some banks or other institutions have for example better investment programs, other can offer better loan conditions and so on. To decide which bank is more suitable for our purposes, here comes in handy some kind of comparison or bank ratings.

There is an institution called FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). This helps banks be a safer place for our money and you can read more on this topic in our FDIC menu selection.

Are the bank ratings accessible to the public?

Although FDIC has got a lot of informations about bank ratings, it never releases its ratings on the safety of banks. However there are some private companies that provide their ratings they acquired on their own.